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Funšterc – festival stekla in kulinarike – BO! In Steklarna Hrastnik bo zraven!

Zdaj ni več dileme - Funšterc – festival stekla in kulinarike to soboto, 8. 9. 2018 v Športnem parku Hrastnik, BO! V Steklarni Hrastnik smo veseli, da vreme ni odgnalo tradicionalnega festivala Funštrec, kateremu smo se pridružili letos kot sponzor in soorganizator, ter s tem še dodatno obogatili pester festivalski program.


Siemens develops roadmap for digital transformation of global glass manufacturer Steklarna Hrastnik

  • Siemens works with Slovenian company to develop detailed roadmap including schedule, technology recommendations and return on investment data
  • By implementing the measures, Steklarna Hrastnik aims to improve productivity, flexibility and sustainability

With a joint digitalization consulting project, Steklarna Hrastnik and Siemens developed a tailor-made strategy for the company’s digital transformation over the next five years. By investing in production automation and digitalization, Steklarna Hrastnik has been laying the foundations for its digital transformation over the past eight years. One of the aims behind the company’s transformation into a smart factory is to improve its niche position in the high-end sector. The company’s management is confident that by implementing the measures outlined in the roadmap, it will not only increase its production capacity and cut production time, but also improve its flexibility and so reduce its response rates to individual customer requests. “By implementing Industrie 4.0, we will additionally upgrade our ability to produce the most technically complex bottle shapes and achieve even greater precision in our production. This way, we’ll be able to further increase quality, productivity and efficiency, which will significantly shorten the time from the order to its realization. As a consequence, we plan to increase our market share in special glass bottles in the highest quality class,” emphasized Peter Čas, CEO of Steklarna Hrastnik.

Employees at Steklarna Hrastnik have already been prepared for the impending changes and have acquired the new skills and competences required to guarantee a successful transition to the smart factory. By introducing advanced technologies, Steklarna Hrastnik also aims to achieve lower energy consumption which will further improve its environmental footprint.

“Siemens is convinced that a comprehensive approach to digitalization has the most sustained and positive impact. It starts with a complete analysis that ensures that subsequent solutions will be optimally adapted to the specific needs and scope of companies like Steklarna Hrastnik. A non-Siemens-specific, product-neutral, customer-oriented strategy is a top priority,” Bernhard Saftig, Head of Vertical Glass at Siemens, explains.


Digitalization consulting with concrete technical and economic recommendations
Around the world, industrial companies are facing new challenges in terms of the flexibility, efficiency and quality of their production. These challenges can only be tackled through digitalization. Small and medium-sized enterprises in particular need to be sure that they are making the right long-term investment in digitalization. To help them achieve this, Siemens is working together with customers as part of its digitalization consulting service to develop a detailed roadmap which includes everything from a schedule and technical recommendations to return on investment data. The first projects to result from this digitalization consulting service have already been planned and implemented at Steklarna Hrastnik.


Unbroken catch-up demand for digital transformation in Europe
Bernhard Kienlein, Head of Process Industries and Drives Division at Siemens in CEE (Central and Eastern Europe), is confident that digitalization consulting will be an important future market for Siemens. “The potential for improvement in terms of Industrie 4.0 remains at the same high level in Europe – although the same applies to the associated challenges. So it’s good to plan digitalization projects on a company-wide basis," says Kienlein. The benefit is obvious: The financial resources invested in a digitalization project can be used to most efficient and optimum effect on the basis of the results and recommendations provided by Siemens Consulting. This provides companies with vital support in achieving and improving their economic goals.


Annual productivity gains of up to 9.8 percent possible
A study recently carried out by Siemens Financial Services (SFS) entitled “The Digitalization Productivity Bonus: Sector Insights” provides evidence that investing in digitalization certainly pays off and that considerable productivity gains are possible. According to the study, by automating and digitalizing their production systems with all the associated improvements to productivity, manufacturers can increase their manufacturing productivity by reducing their production costs relative to total sales by up to 9.8 percent. Companies can use the released liquidity in other areas such as investing in and successively financing new technologies. Further details of the SFS study are available at

Granted awards to the Zasavje innovators 2018

On Friday, 15 June 2018, the CCIS Zasavje Regional Chamber granted awards for the best Zasavje innovations in 2018.


In total, 19 innovations were awarded, 5 of which were granted to Steklarna Hrastnik and Glashuta. Sixty-one innovators from corporate entities, development centres, schools and institutions of Zasavje participated in all of the awarded innovations.


The following were awarded:

  • 3 gold awards
  • 1 special recognition for an innovative approach to tourism development in Zasavje
  • 10 silver awards and
  • 5 bronze awards.


Steklarna Hrastnik and Glashuta were granted awards for the following innovations.


The following innovations were granted a silver award:

  • Optimization of the process of exploitation of urban water and generated wastewater in the unit of table and packing glass products (Simona Lesar, Srečko Medvešek)
  • Modification of products with the Honeycomb internal structure (mag. Mateja Šušteršič Dimic, Matjaž Zupančič, Boštjan Bukovec, Katja Ladika)
  • Personalization of glass products and online sales (mag. Irena Gajšek, Rosanda Kladnik, Darja Jurgelj, Boštjan Kranjc, Petra Gabrič)


The following innovations were granted a bronze award:

  • IS4 TCS machines (Simon Ojsteršek, Aleš Kovač)
  • Connecting local tourism (mag. Irena Gajšek, Rosanda Kladnik, Darja Jurgelj, Boštjan Kranjc, Nina Šuljagič)


We would like to thank all the innovators and application preparers and sincerely congratulate them for the granted awards.


AFO 8279

AFO 8160 AFO 8175

AFO 8195 AFO 8208


A successful conclusion to the first part of the planned EUR 12.7 million investments in 2018

Steklarna Hrastnik has planned total investments of EUR 12.7 million in 2018. The company has now made an investment of EUR 4.2 million to increase the production capacities of packaging glass by over 20%. This was achieved by purchasing the most up-to-date IS machine with a higher capacity for the Special production unit and moving one of the IS machines from the Special to the Vitrum unit. This way, Steklarna Hrastnik has not only increased its capacities but also improved the working conditions. The company has thus strengthened its position as one of the leading manufacturers of special glass packaging in the very highest quality segment, known as the super premium quality segment.


Three of our Employees are enrolled into one of the Best Global Training Programmes in the Field of Design Management

Three of our employees are enrolled into the GROW training programme. The above mentioned training programme is considered to be one of the best design management training programmes in the world for managers and entrepreneurs.

Two of our co-workers from the marketing department and one from the development department are enrolled in the educational programme. Thus, we set new standards in Steklarna Hrastnik and unite the strengths of the design and development department. We will set new standards by strengthening the design vision of the company, by improving the management of product portfolio, by setting clearer goals and by managing our co-workers from the design field – both employees from Steklarna Hrastnik and our external partners – more effectively. We are aware that we would not be able to achieve such breakthroughs without investing into our co-workers’ training. We invest half a million Euros into training programmes annually.



In November 2011, Steklarna Hrastnik  was proud to receive the basic Family Friendly Company Certificate.



We are well aware of the fact that well-motivated staff, equipped with expert knowledge and..



We place great importance on the protection of the environment.





Steklarna Hrastnik was a finalist at the 2012 Zlata Nit pageant in the Big Companies category, and received... 

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Ambiente International Fair was granted the Ethical Style Guide certificate to Steklarna Hrastnik.



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