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Steklarna Hrastnik PBC 1860

PBC1860Premium Business Club 1860 is an inter-industry innovation centre established by Steklarna Hrastnik in response to the:

  • need for a new approach to daily work and for further knowledge,
  • innovative solutions,
  • a fresh look at challenges and
  • greater openness.





PBC1860 is a place where young students and Steklarna Hrastnik employees with many years of experience in their field of expertise can meet, using their courage and understanding of the industry and business to create successful stories.


To help improve the employability of young people and connect Slovenian businesses with the aim of sharing knowledge and ensuring a more successful approach to global markets.


In the two years since it was established, the PBC1860 programme has been tried out by over 280 students, of which 45 were selected to work in the Premium Business Club 1860. 33% of members found employment within a month of receiving a recommendation from Steklarna Hrastnik. Since the programme was established, we have carried out 40 projects and high visibility campaigns such as:

  • the Happy campaign in the six largest cities in Slovenia,
  • taken on the Guinness record with the largest pyramid-shaped 3D glass puzzle.



For the project Puzzel we helped to received the Red Dot award for the Puzzle project, contributed to winning the Grand Prize for Marketing Excellence, received the Best of the Best award in the Openness category from the American Chamber of Commerce in Slovenia for PBC1860 activities, received a top award from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia for the Puzzle project on the local level and a silver award on the national level, and won the Zasavje innovation award for PBC1860.


PBC1860 accepts candidates with student status. With the entry project in the fields of analytics, marketing or design, the candidates gain the necessary knowledge and experience while also demonstrating their competences. The students who successfully complete the entry project gain membership, integrating into selected teams and the company's operations.


Why join PBC1860?

  • Apply in practice the theoretical knowledge gained at university.
  • Strengthen your competences.
  • Work on the international market.
  • Join the mentorship programme.
  • Explore the possibility of employment.
  • Gain valuable work experience.



What do we expect?

  • Your CV with a short cover letter discussing why you are looking for a ticket into the world of practical economic experience.
  • Creativity, daring, the ability to connect with others, flexibility, freshness, the will to learn and young ideas.



What is the experience of PBC1860 members?
Klara Curk, student: "The opportunity I got to work, co-create and contribute to the company at PBC1860 was truly one of a kind. By working on a variety of projects, gaining a thorough insight into the company and experiencing the openness of the employees, I was able for the first time to apply the knowledge I gained at university. I took part in important meetings and worked with mentors to help shape essential foundations for company operations. Having been forced to step outside my comfort zone, I also achieved personal growth."






In November 2011, Steklarna Hrastnik  was proud to receive the basic Family Friendly Company Certificate.



We are well aware of the fact that well-motivated staff, equipped with expert knowledge and..



We place great importance on the protection of the environment.





Steklarna Hrastnik was a finalist at the 2012 Zlata Nit pageant in the Big Companies category, and received... 

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Ambiente International Fair was granted the Ethical Style Guide certificate to Steklarna Hrastnik.



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